About B4AV

Broadband for the Allen Valleys (B4AV) is a community group established in 2017 to offer a 1Gbps fibre broadband connection to every property in the Allen Valleys. The fibre optic network is designed and operated by Broadband For the Rural North (B4RN), a not for profit community interest company set up to tackle poor broadband in rural areas. Now supplying around 8,000 customers and growing across the UK.

How fast?
Yes unlimited 1,000Mbps broadband (up and download ). No one in our area can offer a service anything like B4RN. Even the slower ‘superfast’ broadband providers struggle to offer prices that match ours because they still require you to pay line rental.

Is it reliable?
Unlike slower broadband providers in our area, we don’t use copper wire or run FIBRE over head Our fibre ducts are buried, water ingress doesn’t affect our fibre ,nor do high winds and adverse weather. B4RN have a next-day response policy for anyone with service issues, and a 24/7 response for core network faults.

The Network
90 miles of core fibre network is being installed south of the River Tyne, including all
communities in the East and West Allen Valleys. From this network spurs run to each property. This incredible, worlds fastest, most reliable rural internet service is available to all 1,600 properties in the area.

Community Benefits
B4RN operates for the good of the community and can only be owned as a social enterprise. Its running costs are easily sustained and profits are distributed back to the community. In the Allen Valleys our Primary schools and Churches get a free connection. The Allendale Primary school has gone live with an upgraded 10-gigabit internet service. We have an active volunteer team working with B4RN and helping people get their connection and providing guidance to get the best from the fibre, so why not join us. info@b4av.org

B4AV is funding from two scources; community shares and Gigabit Vouchers

Gigabit Voucher. This is vital, every property needs to register to get the service. Not registering will mean this vital funding will be lost to our community and may slow the delivery, 30% of properties need to be registered to start a route.
Register at Get B4RN – https://b4rn.org.uk/postcode-checker/

INVEST in the scheme by becoming a
shareholder*. If you’re able, you can invest and become a voting member of B4RN. Investments are kept for 3 years and earn 5% interest. For every £1,500 invested the connection fee of £150 is waived maximum of 3 *There’s risk involved with buying shares in any company.
You may want to seek professional advice before investing.to be registered to start a route.
Click here for the Share application form

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